Who? what? why?

I'm Regis Jack, one man, with multiple personalities, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all. I perform under the moniker of The Distracted Philosopher (or Philacted Disphor according to autocorrect). I'm passionate about storytelling, podcasting, writing, and generally being the weird one in pretty much every social situation.

With over 10 years experience in podcasting, plus many more years of not knowing when to shut up, I bring my passion to challenge preconceived ideas of existence; to seek out knowledge; to engage others to share and learn; to teach the power of meditation; and to promote peace and understanding through my storytelling experiences.

Trigger Warning: Be warned, some of my content contains triggers (e.g. suicide, depression, cake, my penis) and may be offensive to some people. 


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One more things, I get this question a lot, "What is Distracted Euphoria? What is Disphor?"

Distracted Euphoria -- which I've shortened to Disphor to make the website easier to find, yet since that word doesn't mean anything it's actually more difficult for people to find it (I need to look into this) -- is the unexpected feeling of happiness that occurs when you are not paying attention to anything in particular, basically while you are distracted by something else. It's the feeling you get as you listen to my podcast, see my live performances, or read my work. It won't make you happy long term (or even while you listen), but every once in a brief moment, it will.