Wilkes Library Con 2012

This weekend was the absolutely huge one day convention at the Wilkes County Library in North Carolina.  Well, maybe not huge, but it was over 330 people - and it's big enough to dress up in costume and talk with old friends and meet new ones!  This Saturday I was there in two costumes, my Renaissance Stormtrooper and my "whatever".  I saw dozen's of different costumes: Stormtroopers, Black Stormtroopers (the armor is black, it's not a racial thing - I know there is a name for this type of trooper, but I can't think of it right now and I expected my color description to help most people anyway as they are not as familiar with Star Wars lore), Boba Fett, a mini Boba Fett (and it was a girl!), a Jawa (very impressive one), Tusken Raider, a tiny Doctor Who, a normal sized Fire Star, Darth Talon, Raven, Spiderman, Batman, zombies, droids and much much more. I made the local paper (at least it's website).

This woman drew an absolutely adorable picture of me too!

The Renaissance Stormtrooper