Press Release - New eBook!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Jackson Stull releases new ebook entitled, "Anti-Valentine's Day Essays and Depressing Poems"

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (February 9, 2013) - Jackson Stull, known for his podcasting and blogging, has published his second book - “Anti-Valentine's Day Essays and Depressing Poems".

In this collection, Jackson shares his thoughts and opinions on the Valentine’s Day holiday, from a historical perspective to his anger over being manipulated by the media to buy gifts.  The majority of the collection is what Jackson likes to call, “depressing poems to make you sad.”  These were written during a particular dark time in his life and he felt now was the time to release them.

His book is available at Amazon and Apple's iBook Store.

Jackson's previous book "Regis Jack's Perception is Reality" has been out of print for several years and is considered a collectors item by many.

To find out more, visit the book's promo page at

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Anti-Valentine's Day and Depressing Poems an eBook by Jackson Stull