Forced. Degraded. Controlled.

In this episode I use the words forced, degraded, and controlled several times — because that’s what’s happening to us.

This is episode s11e08(416) for Monday, April 9, 2018 and clocked in at 33 minutes, 35 seconds

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This is why I’ve lost my voice!!!

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Warning: This is the stream of consciousness text behind the podcast. It may contain incomplete sentences, incorrect grammar, and other mistakes. JSYK


The inspiration for this weeks show comes from the music group Muse and their song “Uprising”. The lyrics to this song are very relevant as there is an uprising going on in society — actually many of them. But most importantly in this song they mention bring forced, degraded, and controlled.

In this country (‘merica) our ancestors sacrificed their lives so … let me just quote this from our declaration of independence. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” (

And by men that means all humans, even if it only meant rich white men back then, which includes all races, creeds, colors, gender, blah blah blah. And by Creator, well, this means these rights are not given by man, but but a higher power. Also, Creator is used so they don’t list a specific deity.

I’ve always been a fan of “the pursuit of happiness” as it’s difficult pursuit some days, some weeks, some years. Recording this podcast is one of my pursuits of happiness. Since I’ve missed the past few weeks, it should be clear that my pursuit has not been going well. Knowing what is real has been difficult. My existence has been cloudy. I’m not sure I began and I’m terrified I won’t end. Tea time is underrated, time is not sequential, and the darkness is my friend. I have other friends to, it’s just that when they ask me, “How are you?” I lie and say it’s great, because who really wants to know what is going on in my mind? I don’t, why should you.

Anyway. Forced. Degraded. Controlled. Besides how I like to have sex (go ahead and think about that for awhile) these have a greater meaning in our society.

We are Controlled by our ignorance and our willingness to believe only those people in Media that agree with us. We are being Degraded by Media who take advantage of ignorance to control us and force our hand. We are being degraded by Government who make laws to control our lives, what we consume, and what we possess. Political parties (individuals and government) take advantage or our ignorance to control us. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

I was recently reading about the Wounded Knee Massacre (not to be confused with Alice’s Restaurant Massacre). If you are not familiar with either, please Google it as what I am going to do is summarize it and probably not that well. Turns out if you research into how the USA treated native Americans (aka Indians, which we don’t say anymore because we have ACTUAL people from India now) you will discover they were not treated very well by our beloved Government. The Government Forced, Degraded, and Controlled the native Americans — in a horrible fashion. Now a lot led up to this moment, including the shooting of Sitting Bull when he was being arrested, but in short, at Wounded Knee, a population of natives were rounded up and told to camp in one area. The Government (and individual citizens) were concerned over recent religious practices by the natives, specifically the Ghost Dance. Ok, that doesn’t explain mush, but that’s all I need to point out now. On Dec 28, 1890, the US brought 500 troops (and some big guns) and surrounded the 320 Lakota Natives (230 men, 120 women and children). The next day the Government went in to disarm them, to take their firearms. They did this because it’s easy to control an unarmed group of people. But it didn’t work. Eventually shots were fired and at least 150 of the Lakota were killed (men, women, children) — although some have estimated that 300 were killed or wounded — some historical numbers are hard to verify. This all happened because the native were considered less then people.

I told you this story for a reason. Forced. Degraded. Controlled. We may not be in a time where this type of Government massacre would happen again, but we are at a time where it happens in smaller pockets. Government officers raiding houses using military style equipment. You’ll hear the word “compound” used by the Media and Government to make you feel as if there was somethings bad going on. A standard recognized religion could have several pieces of consecutive property in a city in which they a church, clergy home, schools, and other buildings — but the Government won’t refer to that as a compound, unless they go to raid it.

Forced. Degraded. Controlled.

Remember the UC Davis Pepper Spray Incident in 2016? Where students peacefully protested and the police used what looked like a fire extinguisher like sprayer to just massive cover the protesters who were being non-violent? Does that fit into those three words?

Also, the color of your skin changes how you see Forced, Degraded, Controlled or how you ARE Forced, Degraded, Controlled. Same for your gender. Or you gender identity. Or your … blah blah blah .. People who are seen as different than the controlling governmental body.

And because I’m white, it’s hard for me to speak about the hardcore feelings and abuse from the Government, but please listen to those who can and have experienced it.

So why have I told you this story? Because while you believe something like the Wounded Knee Massacre could never happen here — that’s how the Government likes it. You see, for the Natives, it started out small as well. Very small. Then it grew. And grew. Warfare. Removing from land. Treaties that benefited the US, not them. And there is still discrimination going on today. Oh, it’s not just Natives. Jewish people. Black people. Mexican people. Minorities. Women. I mean, women still get paid less then men for the same jobs. What the FORK‽  The #MeToo movement is exposing what everyone knows was going on. I’ve watch TV and movies about the 40s, 50s, 60s, …. And beyond and they all show women being treated as sex objects to be used and manipulated. It’s not new. Women have been Forced, Degraded, Controlled by men since … well, since God made Eve from Adam and he had dominion over her.

My point is we have rights in this country we need to take very seriously. Because as rights get taken away, the ability for the Government to Force, Degrade, Control us gets easier. Also, it is human nature to Force, Degrade, Control. Let’s treat the actual problem, not the symptom.

Also, have you noticed that in recent times, mass shooters tend to have something in common. The police, or homeland security, or FBI were aware of these people, even interrogated some of them. Yet they were still able to do what they did. People kill people. Guns make it easier to kill lots of people at once. Explosive can destroy an entire building of people. Knives kill people. Cars will lots of people (sometimes by themselves). Cancer kills lots of people. Suicide (by various means) kills lots of people. Legal prescribed drugs kill lots of people. Illegal drugs kill people. Governments kill people. War kills people. Time kills people. Plastic bags kill people. Turns out there is a lot of ways to kill people. Lots of tools to use. But these devices don’t do it on their own. It’s people and ignorance that kills people.

I’ve always been interested in the Christian bible and it’s 10 commandments, especially the one that says, “Thou Shalt Not Kill” — some translations say murder — I find that distinction interesting. Also the fact that the bible also gives reasons for justified killing. So, thou shalt not kill has exceptions. One of the 10 commandments has exceptions. The big 10. The top 10. The ones so important they made a very specific list of 10 really bad things. Yet it has exceptions. If that concept gets exceptions, so should a lot more.

I think I’m done. With this show — not with life — not yet.

Just because I’m flirting with you doesn’t mean I want to fork you. It’s just my thing. I’m flirty. With EVERYONE. Regardless of gender identity. Of course I may want to fork you. You’ll never know because I dislike physical contact in all forms. ;) #Introvert #Pervert
— The Philacted Disphor

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