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In this episode I talk about thinking, solving problem, and the whole story, next it's monsters, conga lines, self-mutilation, and other stuff, and then it's my friend (and hopefully yours) Mykl who will talk more about power (still not solar nor electrical)

This is episode s10e41(406) for Monday, November 13, 2017 and clocked in at 24 minutes, 30 seconds

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Our existence is riddled with an infinite number of problems to solve, many of which are very difficult. Things such as: cancer, homelessness, violence (between individuals, cultures, religions, political views), world peace (aka why can't we all just get along even though we disagree?), pain management (fyi opioids are not a solution), incarceration (when we use it, when we don't, and why we accept the fact that rape and violence are prevalent in prisons), or the ultimate question … why do people like Donald Trump?

But instead of trying to solve these problems, we only try to treat or "solve" the symptoms, because, damn it, these problems are hard. People yell and scream hoping the solution will magically appear. People come out as "experts" on many of these problems — but these people rarely have an actual solution — they just "believe" something with zero evidence to support it.

These problem has been here since the beginning of time (if time actually existed) and in our current culture of NOW, aka instant gratification, no one knows the whole story. They only know the beginning or the middle or just what's happening now and they refuse to read or listen or learn about the entire story. But without the whole story, you can't create a long lasting solution.

My favorite example of this is in your local newspaper/newspaper website. They post a list of arrests, with names and other details (including pictures). Most people read this and think all these people are guilty. But these are just arrests. There are no convictions in this list and in some cases these people may never be charged nor ever be found guilty. Some of these people are completely innocent — they were just arrested. But since most people only see this one part of the story, they never see a follow up of what happened, nor will they know the circumstances that lead up to the arrest, they will assume the arrest record is a guilty record.

Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, Imgur, Instagram, and every other service like them are the ultimate purveyor of only part of the story. What’s worse is you don’t even know if that part is the beginning, middle, or current — or if it’s even true! It’s just a short tweet, or picture — and for some reason people take these as truth — especially if they are negative.

People love to look to the negative — that's how they judge people. Not by the positive things they have done, but by the negative things they have done (or appear to have done) and they will hold on to that negativity until you pry it from their cold dead elderly hands.

So what's the real problem here? It boils down to this quote: “Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.” This may have been said by So Crates (or Soc-ra-tees or So-crat-es) — hell it might have been said by Mel the cook on Alice — but that's not important right now. 

The problem with society is that most people talk about people and events — the rumor or fact mill —  but it's uncommon for people to discuss ideas and concepts. And while I enjoy talking about people and events (don't we all?) I get the most from ideas. Ideas can change the shape of our world. Not literally. Ideas won't actually change the shape of the planet, that will still be a flat disc. But ideas can change thinking. Ideas can change people. Ideas can change a nation.

It's happening now. Some people had an idea to elect Trump as president — and that is definitely changing a nation. Not all ideas are good ideas — remember that.

I believe (and yes I said believe) that solutions start with learning the entire story, beginning to end, separating the FACTS from FICTION, separating the FACTS from BELIEFS. And then using ideas to create a new story — beginning to end — only then can you START a true solution.

Also, remember, you can't win a fight with stupid people. They have more stupidity to throw at you then you can handle.

Happy. Sad. Happy. Depressed. Happy. Repressed. Happy. Unhappy. Happy. Conflicted. Happy. Sad. Repeat daily as needed or because you have not choice. I have no choice. Your mileage may vary.
— The Distracted Philosopher

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