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In this episode I talk about how I almost died (again), freedom of speech, and other stuff.

This is episode s11e03(411) for Monday, January 29, 2018 and clocked in at 21 minutes, 39 seconds

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When you speak aloud or post a statement or question or belief for others to see, or do a podcast that anyone can hear, you are literally asking people to lick your balls … I mean discuss or argue … actually I mean lick your balls - literally and figuratively.

Freedom of speech does not equal freedom from consequences of that speech. It means that anything you say can and will be used against you by people around you that agree or disagree. I can almost guarantee that when you post a “belief” on social media you will get those who agree and disagree. So don’t be surprised. Don’t be shocked. And try not to fear the death and rape threats from the trolls - usually they are harmless - but not always.

Also, in this time of fictional news aka lies aka fake news do not be surprised by the absurdity of stories shared by your friends and complete strangers. Of course there is a trick to detecting fake news. First, if it agrees with your beliefs and values, it’s probably fake. Second, if it goes completely against your beliefs and values, it’s probably fake. And third, and really the only way to detect fake news, thinking and research yourself. Santa Claus isn’t real. Jesus was black. I have a 12 inch penis. Please research and learn these facts.

Was life better before we could all easily communicate via social media? Was it better to be in the dark for so many things? Is Google good or bad? There have been rumors on the internet for years that people would eventually need a “podcast license” or “blog license” or something like that — to find a way to identify “good solid content” but that wouldn’t help. No license makes you actually qualified to express yourself. And speech is free.

This is kinda like stock photos. I hate obvious stock photos, especially of people. So many websites use stock photos, which to me is basically just like fake news. But it also kills me that so many people can’t identify them as stock photos. 

We started our lives with a narrow view of everything around us. As we live and get older that view grows. At least I hope it does. We need to learn and gain experience about the world around us. Things have changed since we were younger and that’s ok. We gain more knowledge. We identify new things. It’s when your views stop growing — that’s when you die. Anyone with a narrow binary view of the world are already dead inside.

Let’s take gender, which appears to be a very sensitive topic. Everyone is so concern about penises and vaginas. All throughout history there have been concerns. Although it turns out it’s not the penises and vaginas that are bad, but people. People are bad. People are murders and rapists, and some are good people. The genitals didn’t do that on their own. But most people grew up with male and female. But even science can tell you there are about 6 genders based on XY chromosomes in the body. But as people have grown, we have learned that everyone doesn’t fit into the binary role of male and female. And that’s ok. You don’t see people’s genitals all the time, so your judgement of male and female is based on outward appearance. There are a lot of women where I work, but I’m assuming they are women, no one is checking for vagina’s at the door. Why? Because no one fucking cares what you have between your legs until they are trying to get into your pants. And if you do, you have not grown with society.

If you ever say, “Well, when I was younger we never …” blah blah blah. Then you have stopped growing as a person. The past is over. Gone. Done. Luckily for me I don’t have much in terms of remembering anything from my childhood, so I have no choice but to change with society.

Anyway, I think this got away from me. What I am trying to say is that I believe what you have just heard. And I don’t expect you to change your beliefs because I’ve said this. But I expect many of you to disagree and that’s ok. Disagree, post comments on my posts. That’s how this works.

Also, you can still lick my balls

I once published a podcast episode that had an intro, 10 min of dead silence, then an outtro. My listeners thought it was intentional because I do weird stuff like that. Honestly it really means I need to watch what I click when I edit the show.
— The Distracted Philosopher

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