Lather. Rinse. Repeat… No!

In this episode I'm going to talk about how men ARE colossal dicks and a bunch of random stuff, and Mykl talks about power (not electrical or solar).

This is episode s10e39(404) for Monday, October 16, 2017 and clocked in at 20 minutes, 4 seconds

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Lather, rinse, repeat.

Reoccurring. Repeating. Cyclical. Periodic. Frequency. Patterns.

We look for patterns in everyday life, in people, in the world around us. Patterns make us comfortable. The sun comes up, the sun sets. Seasons give us cold, warm, hot, cool, then cold again. Werewolves are active during the full moon. A stake to the heart kills a vampire (technically that will kill most anything). I drink caffeine — I'm gonna have to pee like a race horse.

We look for patterns to predict future events. Tides, volcanic activity, traffic, stock market. We use past performance and indicators to give us a probability of things occurring again. The behavior of people. Serial killers. Job interviews. 

The problem is past performance or indicators does not predict the future. Hell, in some places the sun does set sometimes. But we still cling to patterns. Patterns bring us hope, a false understanding of probability, a extremely gross disgusting confidence in correlations, and lots of logical fallacies. 

I myself feel like I'm repeating myself week after week on this show. And I am. This is because people are not changing. The world is not changing. Things are the same as they ever was. Times may be changing, but so many people are holding on to the past as if it's all they have in the world.

People use phrases such as "throw like a girl" which is completely absurd. What does that mean? Is it different to throw like a man? Does the penis help throw a ball? Does a vagina get in the way? Boys insult other boys by calling them "girls" — and men do the same except sometimes they say woman or ladies. Does being a woman make you less than a man? There are strong and weak members of all genders. Some are muscle, some are brains, some are artists, some are homeless, some are poor, some are rich, some are blind, some are deaf, some are <insert politically correct term from someone with a bodily or mental limitation>. All of this and more regardless of gender.

Did you know there was a time when television shows had to show two separate beds in a married couple’s bedroom — as if people didn’t know they slept together. Mary Tyler Moore was told she couldn’t wear pants on TV because she was a woman. So, yes, society did believe women were less than men.

Everyone knows the "casting couch" and its reputation. Men have always used power to get sex. I believe it's actually imbedded in their DNA. This isn't an excuse. On a previous episode I explained why men don't understand consent. I didn't do that show as an excuse, but I wanted people to understand why NO doesn't mean NO to a lot of guys — especially men in power. Really. It doesn't. 

But when a man (or anyone for that matter) uses the excuse, "Life was different back then," or some similar derivative, I like to say, "Sure it was!! I mean it was still sexual assault and rape, only you felt good about, because you were a serial rapist and had not respect for women. And if a woman tried to speak up, you had the power to silence her." It was horrible and awful back then and it's horrible and awful right now — that's never changed. What is changing is that women are speaking up and fighting back. Women are showing they have the figurative balls to stand up to men (and some transgendered women have actual balls).

When a woman says she was sexually assaulted, men say, "She's lying," because that's the defense someone in power has. But why would a woman lie about that? Do you think that because he's the one in power? Are you thinking women have no power? People couldn't believe that Cosby committed sexual assault (a lot of women stepped forward), but yet he himself admitted to it in a previous trial. He had committed sexual assault. But yet people still think the women are lying. Are all the women lying? What if just one was not? Were the women lying when they said they were sexually assaulted by Clinton? Were 14 women lying when they said they were sexually assaulted by Trump? Is that what you think of all females — they are liars?

Should the phrase be "lie like a girl"? Or "sexually abuse women like a man"? Is it still "boys will be boys"? 

Actually I think it's "boys will be dicks" and "men will be dicks".  Men have been colossal dicks throughout history, it's a reoccurring pattern, the only thing changing now is that they are being called out on it.

According to my new Drivers License, my RACE is blank. I have no race. I’m sooooo white it can’t even be classified.
— The Distracted Philosopher

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