How Long Should Something Last?

In this episode I'm going to be talking about how long things last, why won't people believe women, my dream of MileyCyrus, naked cyclists, and Mykl talks for less than a minute (something never thought possible).

This is episode s10e36(401) for Monday, September, 18, 2017 and clocked in at 14 minutes, 06 seconds

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Recently I saw an ad for a belt (for men) that will last for years and be the only belt you'll ever need.  My First thought was, why would I want the same belt for years? Styles changes. And I need belts for multiple occasions. Dress belt, casual belts, super casual. And different colors. Who wants to be caught with a black belt and brown shoes — Am I right?

Then it occurred to that there are men at there who don't know how to dress. They don't realize they need to smell good. Or that they need to wear clothes that actually fit. I call these men — single.

But then I got thinking. How long should a belt last? How long should anything last?

Think about it. Shoes, shirts, pants, cars, house, milk (don't believe the date on the carton), my iPhone 4s, conversations (in person, phone, text), racism (how is this still here), tolerance, friendships, intimate relationships, marriage (how long SHOULD a marriage last, sure you can put up with each other until you die but why?), attention spans, podcasts, this podcast, sanity, me, and you.  Ask yourself, how long should any of these last?

Normally I create a quote for each show, but today I forgot to do that, so this is all you get.
— The Distracted Philosopher

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Special thanks this episode to Mykl’s @ Rhetoric of The Idle Mind