No Podcast For You!

I'm going to be talking about the fact there is NO show today, naked bike ride, mindfulness, blood, Mykl asks if anything matters, and more on this weeks show.

This is episode s10e35(400) for Monday, September, 11, 2017 and clocked in at 15 minutes, 51 seconds

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There is no podcast today. Well, there is a podcast, it existed before and will exist after, but there will be no new episode this week.

I've talked before about the reasons I wouldn't record a new episode, but to recap, here they are (in no particular order):

  • There is a holiday like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Independence Day, Arbor Day, etc and I’m spending time preparing for them and spending time with the family. This includes some birthdays (significant ones, not the piddly little ones)
  • I’m on vacation in some remote location with a beautiful woman (or two) and she demands all my attention
  • Sometimes it’s best to get away from the online world and live in the real one
  • It's quite possible I'm in jail
  • Work. Any work that involves getting paid will take priority over podcasting which pays nada
  • I’m sick, injured or dead. I might be able to podcast from beyond the grave - I’ll work on that
  • Technical difficulties. This includes computer malfunctions, software issues, internet issues, hosting issues and/or website issues
  • I’m attending some really cool event, con, or award ceremony where I am the center of attention
  • There’s a naked girl (or two)
  • I've lost control of my sanity

I find it interesting that it is illegal to pay someone for sex (aka prostitution) even in the privacy of your own home, but it’s perfectly legal if you are filming it for public distribution.
— The Distracted Philosopher

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Special thanks this episode to Mykl’s @ Rhetoric of The Idle Mind