The Lazy Approach to Podcasting

I'll be talking about John Cusack, I consult the cards to write the show, I think about punching David Lynch, and more on this weeks episode.

This is episode s10e34(399) for Monday, September, 4, 2017 and clocked in at 15 minutes, 45 seconds

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Another show comes from Tarot Cards (a special deck I have). I have it right here and I'm gonna draw cards until I feel I'm done. Let's see if I can make a coherent story from it — on the fly. Basically what this means is I didn't really want to do a podcast, but feel obligated … actually it's because I didn't have anything better to talk about.

Actually, I'm trying to find I way to make this work — after 10 years I'm quickly running out of things to talk about.

The cards chosen this week are: Climax, Guilt, Growth, Thought, Defender, Vs. Technology, and finally Try/Fail Cycle. If you want more, listen to the show.

John Cusack is still a thing? He had a panel at DragonCon. Looks like a vampire. Pasty white. Dressed in all black. Groovy. Love ya man.
— The Distracted Philosopher

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