I Regert Nohing

Today I'm talking about myself and what that means for THIS show, I also have another Mykl segment about .. Well, I forget what it's about - let's find out together, and, as usual, any distractions from this week.

This is episode s10e29(394) for Monday, July,  31, 2017 and clocked in at 29 minutes, 08 seconds

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First off, if you have never experienced Brain Zaps — they are painful, disorienting, and disconnect me from the reality that is my existence — in other words — they are soooo cool. Really. Dude you must try these things.

Anyway, there wasn't a show last week — well there WAS a show — it just wasn't mine. Previously I've explained some reasons why I don't create a podcast, including things such as being in jail, naked girls, don't care, etc. But my friend Mykl suggested I have a "best of" show ready for times such as those.

On one hand he is right. Contingency plans are important and, more importantly, professional and show my commitment to the show. Every podcaster will tell you that if you are not consistent, iTunes and the world won't take you seriously — as a professional — and just assume you are broadcasting out of your parent's basement.

On the other hand … 

{Almost inaudible tirade}

You know I love you? Right?

Also, a best of? From what my listeners tell me, that is 10 minutes of silence.

Some men don’t feel like they need to do their share of the household chores. But I, like some others, are enlighten and have always been a part of the efforts. Some men cook (I cook occasionally), some men do dishes (I do dishes both manually and automatically — which means I can load a dishwasher properly), and some men do laundry. I do laundry all the time. I’m the laundry man. Basically I’m saying, ladies, give me your panties.
— The Distracted Philosopher

—>> "The Never-Ending as Always" <<—

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Special thanks this episode to Mykl’s @ Rhetoric of The Idle Mind