Decent Into Madness

I've used a set of custom tarot cards for writers that I picked up on Kickstarter a while back to determine what I write and talk about this week. I talk about my eventual madness, the distractions of the week, and then things get a bit weird with Mykl.

This is episode s10e28(393) for Monday, July 17, 2017 and clocked in at 27 minutes, 22 second

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5 senses
Touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight

There are others
Including the sense to detect a dead Bruce Willis
But these 5 are key

Some people experience all 5
Some may be missing one or more
Some lose senses as they get older

Everyone experiences these senses differently, uniquely
And some other horrible adverbs

We take these senses for granted
Assume they will always be there

But we are in a battle
Vs Disease
Vs Time
Vs Ourselves

The human body is fragile
Unless your name is Gobo
Or Mokey or Wembley
or Boober or Red
then it's Fraggle

In time injury can take away
In time disease can take away
In time age will take away
Our senses and our minds

Madness is in our future
Caused by dementia
Caused by realization
Caused by enlightenment

Madness is insanity
Madness is sadness and depression
Madness is true happiness

ZZ Top was right when they wrote the lyrics, ‘Cause every girl crazy’
— The Distracted Philosopher

—>> "The Never-Ending as Always" <<—

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Special thanks this episode to Mykl’s @ Rhetoric of The Idle Mind