Vow of Science, I Mean Silence

This is episode s10e22(387) for Monday, June, 6, 2017 and clocked in at 27 minutes, 19 seconds

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Taking a vow of silence (or science), what is the mood for creativity, misleading tweets, comedians and politics (and house N-words), you're putting WHAT in your vagina?, and other stuff.

I was intrigued this week after reading a post about taking a vow of silence by Vanessa Van Edwards on science of people dot com slash silence. Which btw tends to reads vow of "science" when I type or say it for some strange reason. Can you take a vow of science? Is that admitting you believe in science and will follow it? Never mind. 

After reading it I have considered taking a vow of silence. But first I did some research and I did discover that the post does take at least one "word for word sentence" from Wikipedia and doesn't attribute it. That made me sad. The article is pretty cool and she has some really good ideas (and if your interested please read it) and it got me thinking, what's the true purpose of vow of silence? Is a vow of science (I mean silence) a vow to not communicate? Are you allowed to write? Make notes? Point to things to get people to understand? Or is it just not talking and possibly annoying everyone around you?

From my personal experience, the vow of silence is very similar if not identical to mindfulness and meditation (things I know quite well).

It's common in meditation to be silent, although some people do make odd noises, and it's about being in the moment. Meditation can done sitting, standing, walking, running, eating … the list goes on. Mindfulness is the practice of being mindful of what you are doing, what's going on around you, observing, being a part of something, embracing the details of an experience. Do these terms sound similar? They should, mindfulness is a form of meditation. You can be mindful while sitting, standing, walking, running, eating, etc. 

Mindfulness, meditation, vow of silence — these are all teaching us to pay attention to the world around us, stop talking and listen, stop interrupting people, be in the moment. Silence give you a change to listen to absorb and learn instead of listening to respond (a serious problem in our society). It's a time to realize you are NOT the center of the universe nor is your phone. Trust me. The world is more interesting then just ourselves.

I did like — no — I LOVED the cards that Vanessa came up with to use during her extended vow of silence. These are directly quoted from her post (aka that's attribution):


  1. “I’ve taken a vow of silence. I’m trying to become a better listener.”
  2. “Please tell me about yourself.”
  3. “I’m sorry.”
  4. “This has been as awkward for you as it was for me. Thank you for trying it with me!”


I'm thinking of making some of these and carrying them with me every where I go. Or maybe tattoo them on my body like they did for the lyrics of that Daft Punk song. Of course that means I may have to get undressed to show people the tattoos — yes, I'm definitely doing that.

New sandals with attractive feet

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