Calendrical Consequences

This is episode s10e26(391) for Monday, July,  3, 2017 and clocked in at 28 minutes, 23 second

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It's my 10th podcastaversary! Yay me! I talk about me and my podcast over the years (and a little bit about you), Uranus (get your mind out of the gutter), Mykl and I talk relationships, and more on this weeks episode.

Back on 6/29/2008 I started this podcast after a friend said, I should do a podcast. And it was good.

The podcast took place of me writing things (aka blogging), which at first was good — seemed like the right thing to do. But as time went on I realized my writing was just as important and have been devoting time to that as well as the podcast.

After 10 years and 391 episodes, I can assuredly say, "I got better."

Production quality is excellent now, when at first I was the, "just some kid in his parents garage" sound. Now — well as you can hear, I've worked very hard to sound good without spending lots of cash.

Quality of content as improved. At first I was just talking about TV shows, movies, and other stuff EVERYONE else does on a podcast. But then I grew and started talking about myself, philosophy, life, death, suicide, and other stuff — deeper stuff — stuff that actually means something to me personally.

The change is content as actually been a change in me. I started in 2008, back in a time of depression, where I spent many years. Relationships have changed for me. My career has progressed. My life has progressed and I've been lifted from the fog of existence. And while therapy was a huge part of my life changes, this show as been it to.

Creating this show on a weekly basis is not easy. I start writing each show about 2 hours before I record. Sometimes from just a sentence I wrote down sometime previously. Sometimes the idea starts at the time of writing. But extracting these thoughts out of my head is a very difficult process which makes me look inside myself each and every time I write.  Each episode truly "exposes me" to the world — or least to the part of the world that listens to me. Once I write it, I feel I have to record right then. I can't let it fade. The emotions and feelings of what I wrote are still there.

I started calling the show "Satan's Jello Chunks", which is an anagram of the name my parents gave me. It could have been Santa's instead of Satan's but I was at a low when I started — and I didn't want kids listening — I was pretty explicit at first.

But less then a year later it was the Regis Jack Experience, and I was being true to myself, as I embraced my true self.

Many years went on and in 2012 I started calling myself the Distracted Philosopher. I did this because I felt that was what I had become. It gave me a "brand" for people to see and get an idea of what they might hear from me just by hearing The Distracted Philosopher. No one knows what to expect from Regis Jack - that's just a name. But TDP was something else. It describes itself (and in turn me).

I change the site from to at that time. Because, you know, changes.

And even now, things are changing. While those sites still exist they point to A fake word for a real person. It came from my saying Philacted Disphor instead of Distracted Philosopher and I likedit.

But all of these site and name changes are disruptive to my audience and being found on the web.

But all of these changes were necessary to me. Because internally I have been changing. I am alway growing and changing. And I embrace the change and move head.

And you should to. Life is always challenging us — but our goals should always be to keep moving forward. Change names, change your identity, change your gender identity, change — whatever needs changing. Don't stay stagnate. 

I'm not saying drop everything and travel the world, although you could. I don't travel the world. Hell, I don't really leave my house. I'm a nester. — Not Planet Nester, who you may see me retweet periodically, but I like to be in my nest aka my home.

I'm also a grow-er not a show-er, but that's not important right now… although I do tend to show it a lot. Anyway.

What is important is to be true to yourself. Change can happen in small increments, it doesn't have to be all at once. Just one step at a time. Step forward. Be yourself. Love yourself. Love others.

Be cool and groovy to other. But most importantly be cool and groovy to yourself.

I'm Regis Jack — even if you know me by another name — I AM Regis Jack. This is who I am. Literally. What you hear, what you read by me, is actually part of my soul.

I'm Regis Jack and I approve this message

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We are always good enough. We are the best. It is the others that cannot see that — they are the people with issues — not us. We have always been great. I had to be devastated and down (and pretty much out) for several years (consecutively) before I realize it. I am a god amongst humans — they wish they could be me. Same goes for you - you’re awesome - and always will be other.
— The Distracted Philosopher

—>> "The Never-Ending as Always" <<—

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Special thanks this episode to Mykl’s @ Rhetoric of The Idle Mind