Lightsabers of Eden

Translating beliefs, Loyalty (with Mykl), nudity, candy, and more, on this weeks episode of The Distracted Philosopher.

"I was born with a chaotic mind and the thought of Eternal Life is terrifying to me. Being me for eternity? Thousands of years. Millions of years? Billions of years? If I’m given the choice of living forever or just ceasing to exist — I’ll choose the latter every time." - The Distracted Philosopher

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FYI - not a biblical or religious expert - just observing and attempting to learn.

There are about 2200 words (give or take) in Genesis chapters 1,2, and 3 (much less words in the original Hebrew) which covers Creation, Creation again, and the Fall of Humans (in the KJV). Twenty-two hundred words — that’s a very short story — for some pretty BIG stuff.

What we read is translated (unless you read the original Hebrew). So of those 2200 words, NONE of those are the original words (or almost none - I’m not an expert). These 2200 words are English words that have been translated through, what I would call, an extensive scientific method (basically, translated, peer reviewed, others translated, peer review, double blind translations, etc). I’m saying an IMMENSE amount of work went into these translations.

But if you change a word, it can change the meaning. Can anyone understand the true meaning? And what does true meaning even mean?

Maybe it’s allegorical?

Do the details have to be exact for you to continue to have faith? Could you still have faith if it was proven these are not about physical people or places? Or if just a portion of it was not physical?

Is Eden a physical place on Earth? Does it have to be? What if it’s another dimension? Are we every really going to find an Angel with a flaming sword (aka lightsaber) protecting the entrance?

Religions have bad reputations because there are so many variations on what biblical text means or what God means that it seems like no one knows or understands any of it. Some of it’s strong with hate, some strong with fear, some strong with love — and different people can get each of those from the EXACT SAME TEXT.

Some say marriage is between and one man and one woman - but the Bible has passages that clearly show variations, including one man and several women. Some say gays are horrible and evil, others show them love and compassion - from the same faith and bible.

Some say the King James Version is the ONLY true version of the Bible (I’ve heard that myself in church) and that’s absurd because it's title has the word VERSION in it. And technically the ONLY non-version is the original Hebrew (for the Old Testament).

My point this week is —

There are people of faith, devot followers of their religion, people who love their God and are not bothered by any of the things I have said today — and I’m jealous of those people. Because they are happy and sure of their place in life, death, and after life.

I’m not like that, and I don’t believe I ever could be. I’m not making fun of religions and their gods simply because of different interpretations — I’m truly trying to understand it all. I’m not saying I don’t believe in something greater than the entire universe and infinity, but I don’t believe in the God of the people.

Is it possible for all Christians to agree on a single meaning? Or any religion? Obviously Jews and Christians won’t agree on everything — that whole Jesus thing seems to be a deal breaker. Or is all this nitpicking even important? Is there a single unified message we can follow?

My motto is, “Be cool and groovy to each other” — can we all just agree on that?

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