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People believe different things, the fearless girl, Philosopher Mykl joins me to talk about ... something, and more, on this weeks episode of The Distracted Philosopher.

"Daredevil and Luke Cage both say they don't kill anyone, but I've seen the fights, they may not kill someone immediately - but 2 minutes later cause of death is succumbed to injuries" - The Distracted Philosopher

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It's amazing how much can be solved by a discussion between people. Humans don't naturally don't condone or perform blind obedience, at least not in America. We require information. We require context. We require a discussion to understand. Without that we will fight back.

Some people will fight back even after a discussion and some people just fight without a discussion — but discussion should happen first.

An actual discussion where both sides actually listen is required — which is difficult because if people believe they are in the right they won't listen to anyone who disagrees.

For me, I always say, "Am I being detained? Am I free to go? Why am I being detained? I'd like to speak to a lawyer."

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