There, They’re, Their, and Thair

Grammar, art, typos, words, and more, on this weeks episode of The Distracted Philosopher.

”The response you get when you ask an unruly child if they want a spanking is vastly different than the response you get when you ask your spouse the same question.” - The Distracted Philosopher

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Grammar. Punctuation. Words. Isn’t it interesting that when we write in English that we have 3 words pronounced “there”: there, their, and they’re; but when we are speaking it doesn’t matter which word we use because they all sound the same and the listener can figure out the correct meaning from the context. So why can’t we make writing just as easy as speaking. I propose the use of a new word, “THAIR” to replace for all of the existing 3.

THAIR you go. (I have to have THAIR in all caps or autocorrect will fix it)

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