TRJE 362: Erase Your Hard Drive

My 2012 MacBook Pro, solitary confinement, hipster nativity set, nudity, and more, on this weeks episode of The Regis Jack Experience. Picture Unrelated?

It’s been a strange week for me. Thanksgiving holiday. Pre-Thanksgiving dinner. Time off of work. Days of the week blending together. Cleaning out my closet. More pumpkin pie. Chinese food. Working out. Also this week, I took the time to think of the health of my Mac. After the last update to macOS Sierra my mid-2012 was slower, clunkier — so I decided to do a clean install. That meant erasing the internal hard drive.

I had backups. Online and local, so it was easy to migrate my data back once it was complete. Afterwards it was like having a new machine again. I highly recommend it.

I also recommend the same thing with your health as well. Keep all your data, but refresh your inner self and start anew. Don’t wait for the new year. Do it now. Eat healthy. Exercise. Eat pie. Meditate. Or whatever it is you like to do. If you and your PC are healthy, nothing can stop you.

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This is episode s09e43(362) for Monday, November 28, 2016 and clocked in at 16 minutes, 12 seconds