TRJE 358: Hangranoid - The Election Version

Election stages of grief, emails, nudity, confused haters, and more, on this weeks episode of The Regis Jack Experience. Picture Unrelated?

There are 5 stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance; and these apply directly to the feelings of the voters during this presidential election.

Before the election, there is Pre-Election Grief. At first the voters DENY their "chosen" candidate because it seems no one wanted that person to represent the party, yet they were voted in anyway. This makes voters ANGRY over the choice of candidate (from both major parties). Next the voters begins BARGAINING with their values represented by their candidate — "am I still a even if my candidate isn't really a ?" Then there is voter DEPRESSION when they realize this is the candidate they will have to support for the election. Eventually, there is ACCEPTANCE of the candidate and the voter becomes a 100% true supporter — no matter what happens.

POST-Election Grief is a bit different. The losing candidate/voters DENY the results, demand recounts, claim the system is rigged against them. This turns to ANGER over the loss and hatred directed towards the new president and the opposing party. And that is it. That's all that happens. There is no bargaining, no depression, no acceptance. The losing party stays angry for the next 4 years or until their side wins. They all remain bitter, angry, hateful people.

People do this because anger is easy. Anyone can do it. Any deplorable or non deplorable.

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