TRJE 342: Do You Hear Voices?

This week YOUR perception is YOUR reality, "never nude" Link, Microsoft weed, and more, on this weeks episode of The Regis Jack Experience. Picture Unrelated

I really wanted to avoid talking about rapists, terrorists, Orlando, or anything else that's been saturating news feeds recently — so I did — mostly.

When you perceive the world around you differently than others you are branded as having hallucinations (visual, audio, any of your senses). But don't worry, it's actually normal. Hallucination is just another word for saying you perceive something that it not shared by others. This doesn't mean it's wrong or that you are crazy. Maybe your brain is tuned into a frequency that others can't get. What's important is that what you perceive is your reality. Also, don't tell others you see or hear things they do not, you'll be burned at the stake or beaten with rocks and sticks. It seems people are terrified that you perceive something they don't and it must be the work of the devil or God — in this case both are equally terrifying.

Also this week, Nintendo announced Link (from the Legend of Zelda Games) is a "never nude" (I didn't realize that was in question); some lonely unmarried guy with too much time on his hands juices McDonald's burgers and fries (why oh why did this seem like a good idea); the Charlotte observer uses a headline that sounds like it may be a positive story or horrible rape tragedy (I couldn't tell); a transgendered woman takes a camera crew in the bathroom (which seems a bit odd to me because I only bring them in the shower); Microsoft add weed to their cloud (sort of); is it just me or does every picture of Kayne look like he is crapping his pants?; and other stuff.

You can find all links referred to in the show (well, some of them) on my twitter feed @regisjack.

"What does a rapist look like exactly Beth? Is it a Slavic man wearing a denim jacket with a patchy beard and the scent of cheap champagne wafting over his blister-pocked lips..." - Jerry from Rick and Morty (my favorite show on TV)

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