Wait, is that...

I love to solve puzzles.

Especially jigsaw puzzles. It's fun to find a place for every single piece. I enjoy seeing the final image - knowing that I helped bring it to life. But some puzzles are very difficult. So many pieces. The one I'm currently working on has me stumped. It is so much larger than anything I've even done before. And I don't know the final outcome.

I don't have the box. No known goal. Just a ton of pieces.

This puzzle is different then all my previous ones. It has no edge pieces. It's not going to form a square or a rectangle. It's final shape is completely unknown to me. I've been working on this for quite sometime and I think I see an image forming. I think. I don't know. I look at it everyday, trying to imagine what it might be. Trying to get a glimpse of - something.

Somedays I just stare at it, never touching a piece, others I may just get one piece to fit. I'm dying to get this completed. To see what it is.

When I started, all the pieces were black. All of them. Every single one. Just a collection of different shapes. But as time continued and the pieces are exposed to light and air, they changed. They turned colors. All manors of colors. The colors may have actually made the puzzle harder. At least when it was all black, I had focus. Just connect the pieces. But now - the pieces are distracting.

What is it? What's this piece? Is it sky? or grass? flesh? blood? God? Wait, is that … no. No it's not. I can't figure this out. I wish the pieces were all black again.