"Genius" - a Graphic Novel Review

Rating: I Enjoyed it.

I recently had the opportunity to read the graphic novel, "Genius" by Steven T. Seagle. It initially got my attention because it was about a quantum physicist who discovers his father in law knew Albert Einstein and holds on tightly to a secret Einstein told him. I was surprised, because, who writes a comic about a physicist? or Einstein? So I felt I had to read it. And at 128 pages, it didn't take me too long to read.

I enjoyed the layout and artistry - I feel it helped convey the struggles of the lead character and the feeling of the entire story. The comic is mostly subdued colors, hues of brown, eggshell and sepia tones - which I felt worked. I had trouble with the font of the text, seemed almost cursive and almost print, with some letters hard to decipher - but that could just be my inner elderly man coming out. I found the story interesting, although if you don't like physicists, life changes and career dystopia - you probably shouldn't read this. It's a good internal struggle for the main character. Although there was an unnecessary (at least I felt so) discussion of masturbation which I felt intruded upon the story and kicked me out of the flow - otherwise it flowed well.

Disclosure: I received a free ebook of this title for preview and review. I am not paid for this review.