Neglecting my Duties

Heh heh -- I said Duties. Anyway, that's not why I've called you all here. Today I realized, well actually yesterday I realized.  And the reason I realized was a friend of mine had a realization that was vaguely similar to the realization I had after his realization.  Well, maybe not as vaguely similar as eerily similar...  What was a talking about?  Oh yes, my realization. I've been neglecting writing.  Ever since I started podcasting, I've spent more time doing that than writing; and for me, that's just wrong. I have lots of useless, pithy, boring, exciting, witty, funny, offense, and bad stuff to express and my laziness is preventing me from reaching my full potential. So that's it.  I'm going to blog about whatever I want to much more often than in the past and I'm going to drag your sorry ass with me.

You're welcome.