The Last Airbender

So, I went to see Avatar…. I mean… The Last Airbender last night.  I was looking forward to this movie, which is never a good idea.  My partner is a huge fan of the series and I thought the concept was cool.  But when we say that M. Night Shyamalangadingdong was going to write it and direct it - we threw up.  I’m not saying M. Night Shyamapoopoopeedo’s movies are terrible, I’ve liked a few - but those types of movies don’t tell the kind of epic story that Avatar needs.Photobucket The writing was aaaaaaaa-hhhhhhhhhhhh!  It was wooden dialog, even worse then George Lucas (all hail George!), and they kept repeating themselves as if they were trying to constantly tell us what was happening.  Some of the actors are very good - I actually like Aang - but others were Twilight level actors.  Little emotion, little skill.  Oh I wait for the day when a movie will SHOW us the story instead of TELL us.

And what was with Aasif?  I couldn’t take it.  It wasn’t that he was bad, he did the best he could with poor writing.  But I’ve only ever seen him on Jon Stewart’s show and I was waiting for the punch line everytime he talked.  That’s the stigma you get when you’re really good at comedy and try to get serious.

Anyway, I enjoyed the final confrontation, thought there were several insights into how good the movie could have been, and have wanted to shoot myself for the writing.

The worse part of all of this is that I’m looking forward to the new Tron movie.  Please don’t suck.

That’s the way I see it; sorry you had to read it.