The Podcast WILL Return Soon!

Don’t fret my regular listeners.  There will be a day I return to podcasting, but not quite yet.  Back in December 2009 I took a break from podcasting and I presented a myriad of reasons why.  Well, I missed a few.  So here is a fully updated list: (the bullets probably don't look good, but hey, I'm not an html/css expert).

•    There is a holiday like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Independence Day, Arbor Day, etc and I’m spending time preparing for them and spending time with the family. This includes some birthdays (significant ones, not the piddly little ones).
•    I’m on vacation in some remote location with no internet access with a beautiful woman and she demands all my attention.
•    I’m having some alone time.  Alone time means alone time. Unless there’s someone else there.
•    Sometimes it’s best to get away from the online world and live in the real one.
•    I’m in jail. Hey, shit happens.
•    Work. Any work that involves getting paid will take priority over podcasting which pays nada.
•    I’m sick, injured or dead. I might be able to podcast from beyond the grave – I’ll work on that.
•    A family member is sick, injured or dead.  I find it difficult to podcast during those times.
•    Technical difficulties. This includes computer malfunctions, software issues, internet issues, hosting issues and/or website issues.
•    Personal difficulties.  Includes painful urination, stubbed toe, need to shave (my back), or it’s too bright outside.
•    I’m attending some really cool event, con, or award ceremony where I am the center of attention.
•    There’s a naked girl.
•    There’s two naked girls.
•    Sometimes I just don’t care.