Lack of Focus

There is a journey I must take
I don't know where to start
I don't know where it will take me
But I must take it

My mind needs focus
I lack focus because of loss
I must get my focus back
Or I will not survive

What I had before will never return
I must accept this
I must embrace this
Or I cannot go on

But I can't. That's It. I can't. No poetic prose on this (yes, that what I was doing before). I can't seem to accept what has happened. There is no mythical journey that will help, nothing will bring clarity to me, this is it. I have strong feelings for someone and they don't have these same feelings for me. Same old story. It's not unique to me, it's the same story all over. I've heard it before, I've seen it before, I've experienced it before, didn't like it then either. All I can do is express myself. And with that being said, queue the poetic prose:

The solution eludes me
I can't find it alone
For that I need a friend
And I don't want that