Happy Fracking New Year

Here is RegisJack.com's 2005 year in review.

I've heard voices that only I can hear (and you will still hear them)
I saw arrows (even with your eyes closed)
Britney did NOT appear pregnant and nude in Playboy (there is still hope)
I got Jack Bauer's number (so did everyone else)
SWCIII (when is SWCIV?)
I've searched for ghosts (in all the wrong places)
I've made some friends (...)
I've played a drum or two (it helps drown out the voices)
Got another year older (your up to 327)
Didn't have sex (only because no female would ever consider it)

It was a year of confusion (a year of conflict)
It was a year of pain (pain is so close to pleasure)
It was a year of depression (but who really cares)
It was a year of torment (that will never change)

I expect 2006 to be no different (It will be different, it will be shorter)