Baby, do have my number?

No my number is not 867-5309 (sing along if you remember the words). But after that number hit the airways back in the 80's, everyone called it for every area code. But as I said before, that's not my number

My number is 310-597-3781. Ok, actually it's not. But if you call that number you may get to talk with Agent Jack Bauer. You know, that guy on 24? The TV show?

Well, it seems the TV show got sick and tired of using 555 numbers or at least had difficulty with one. A few weeks ago, they needed to show a phone number for caller ID on TV, but they could not get it to display a fake 555 number. So the show decided to use one of the stage hand's (or someone who works on the show) cell phone number instead. What they didn't expect was the number of people who saw the number for the brief moment on TV, then called the number. According to People magazine, they received so many calls after the first show, they just leave the phone on the set and just let anyone who wants to answer the phone.

So tonights episode went one step further. Jack gave out his cell phone number, 310-597-3781.

So give Jack a call, see what he is up to.