This isn't space exploration — it's not porn — it's something in-between

Understanding our existence through science, philosophy, personal experience, and current events through the eyes of a depressed, on the spectrum, excessively distracted human, who just wants to learn to be a better person
— Regis Jack
Depression, darkness, sadness, and suicidal thoughts — they are all exactly like being happy — only different. I know that may be hard for you to understand but I can’t think of a better way to put it.
— Regis Jack

POdcast Archive 2010-2019

"Probe of uranus"

Trigger Warning - Leave Now 

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It’s me!!! Regis Jack aka The Distracted Philosopher

It’s me!!! Regis Jack aka The Distracted Philosopher

Unauthorized Bio

I’m a Passionate Storyteller, Futurist, Blockchain Philosopher, Depressed Soul; Former Legendary Podcaster, Stage Actor, and Televangelist.

I call myself the Distracted Philosopher, the Philacted Disphor, Cecil Blockchain … and in real life, I’m just this guy who is generally the weird one in pretty much every social situation I’m in (or near).

  • I wrote and produced my podcasts regularly for 10 years but let that go in 2019 (may pick it up again later)

  • I tell stories for podcasts, live streaming, public, and private events (contact me for info - @regisjack on Twitter)

  • I write extensively in my Evernote notebook and on paper -- sometimes I share on this site and other places (I sense a book in my future, I may even write one)

  • I'm on Twitter(a lot), Facebook (sometimes), and Instagram (more than FB, less than twitter), TikTok, and others as they emerge.

But wait, there is more about me ...