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Probe Of uranus

Distracted Euphoria,
The Distracted Philosopher,
The Regis Jack Experience
and many other names

2008 - 2018 Celebrating 10 Years of Podcasting
and I still don't know when to shut up

Open your minds, loosen your morals, and lower your expectations
— Regis Jack
 Regis Jack,  The Philacted Disphor


I'm Regis Jack, former legendary stage actor and televangelist -- I'm one man, with multiple personalities, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all. Sometimes I call myself the Distracted Philosopher, other times the Philacted Disphor, and in real life I have not idea who I am. I'm passionate about storytelling, podcasting, writing, and generally being the weird one in pretty much every social situation.

  • I tell stories for podcasts, live streaming, public, and private events which I call The Regis Jack Experience
  • I produce and perform a (mostly) weekly podcast (since 2008) which I rename every few years
  • I write extensively in my Evernote notebook and on paper -- sometimes I share on this site and other places
  • I'm on Twitter(a lot), Facebook (sometimes), and Instagram (more than FB, less than twitter)

But wait, there is more about me ...


Listen To me!

"Maybe It's the heroin talking ..."

Trigger Warning: Be warned, some of my content contains triggers
(e.g. suicide, depression, cake, my penis) and may be offensive to some people. 

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